Monday, May 30, 2011

Girl I be Trippin!

Slang words. I think they are funny. Most of the time they come out of no where, make absolute no sense, yet they catch on like wildfire. Take Dope for instance. For years and years it was a word used for drugs. But now, thanks to some skater dude it can mean "Cool" "Crazy" Insane" and who knows what else. Trippin is a slang word that has multiple meanings and right now I am feeling all of them. Let me explain:

Guilt Trippin: to go on a guilt trip based off of an action or non action of some sort.
Yes I just made up that definition in case you were wondering. Actually you probably weren't wondering because it doesn't make much sense or define it correctly. Right now I am going on a guild trip for not having posted in well over a month! I guess you can diagnose me as clinically inconsistent. Or you can diagnose me with post graduate depression (more on that issue to come). I guess I haven't changed much from my teenage days when I wouldn't write in my journal for months on end, then begin again with an entry starting with "Dear Journal, Wow it's been a long time since I've written last and SO MUCH has happened. Where do I even begin?" Then to follow with an entry that skims over the big events in my life where later I would wish I had said more.

Trippin: Not able to wrap your mind around a concept to the point of semi-insanity.
 Jacob Spori and I have a special relationship. I spent 94% of my college education in this one building. The art building. That's right. I said the art building... the communication students just get to have the privilege to dwell in our presence and use a few of the class rooms. (Ha ha jk I took some of those classes so no need to get offended)

Right now I am trippin over the fact that I am a college graduate! I can hardly believe it and it honestly feels like I'm on summer break. I know it will come as a shock when Fall rolls around as it always does and I'm not picking up my books or sharpening my pencils with all the other students. It also doesn't feel like I've gradated because we are still living in this blessed small college town. Not much longer though folks! I think I would be more excited if I knew where we were headed after wards. But right now, your guess is as good as mine. Any ideas?
Pretty soon we'll be outta here! Ah I love my hubby so much!

Ha ha my mom is notorious for blinking in photos and my dad has a reputation for an awkward photo smile. Welcome to my family. I sure love them.

Trippin: To travel or relocate yourself preferably to an unknown or unexplored area.
Shortly after graduation, I put myself on a jet plane, not knowing when I'd be back again and headed to Oregon. What brought me to such a trip? Going to one of my best friend's wedding! I'm so happy for Darci and her new hubby Tim! I know they'll be great together and it meant a lot to be there. Oh man she looked so beautiful!

The last thing about my trip that I'm trippin about is the fact that I bought my first ever car! That's right folks! I've gone almost 22 years (because my birthday is in 14 days (not that I'm counting)) without ever having purchased a car. In high school I was a late bloomer and didn't get my license till I was a senior. Looser I know. And in college I never had a vehicle. It was a stressful process because Chris wasn't able to come to Oregon with me so I was flying solo on this one. Luckily my dad worked as an auto insurance claims adjuster so he was able to help me understand what salvage titles mean and other terms I'd never heard of, and my mom grew up around cars thanks to all older brothers. I was constantly sending Chris craigslist links 24/7 on cars that I found that we might be interested in. After a week of hunting, calling, and appointments that didn't show up, we got a car! It's a 2001 black Honda Civic and we LOVE it! Our favorite part is the gas mileage! Going from a 1994 Jeep Cherokee that got 14 miles to the gallon to our new lovely, we are in heaven!

There you have it. I am trippin. That is one way to explain this last month and trust me, there is a lot I left out. Only to keep you from information overload. So it's for your good. Trust me.