Saturday, October 30, 2010

10 things i'm infatuated with

I love to love. Right now it is the colorful leaves and the crunchy sound they make as I step on them. Crunch crunch crunch! They seem to say to me "Step on me Emily! Enjoy Fall!" Besides loving fall and the Halloween festivities, here are 10 other things that I have fallen in love with (or have been in love with for quite some time, but finally confessing my infatuation).
1. Journals
I love writing experiences and funny things that happen in life. I secretly hope that these stacks and stacks of journals that I've carried around with me for years will make a difference to my posterity. Otherwise, the heavy boxes that transported them were a complete waist. Ha ha ok definitely not. Because even if others don't find them interesting, it's made a difference to me. The journal I'm writing in now was purchased at my favorite bookstore of all time... Powell's Bookstore. Aka the happiest place on earth. My ecojot journal has trees on it to remind me of home and is made of recycled paper. Check it out! They are just simply fabulous!

 2. Baths
It's true. I can take 2 hour long baths. I love them. So relaxing and tranquil. Bringing in a good book to read while soaking is the best. Try it next time you are needing a little R&R. Light some candles too! My favorite are from voluspa. They smell SO GOOD and the decorative tins make a nice room accent.

3. Toms shoes
Not only was this company started by wanting to make the world a better place, but the shoes are SO comfy and stylish. For every pair of shoes you buy they donate a pair of shoes to less fortunate children all around the world. Working for them would be a dream come true.

  4. My Sondre Lerche pandora station
Offering a variety of jazzy music from Sondre Lerche, to the classics like Nat King Cole, Billie Holiday and others. I love listening to it while cooking. It always makes me want to dance on our slick tile floor. Music makes me happy. 

5. Home Decor Magazines
I'm not sure it my sudden intense infatuation with home decor magazines stems from our new apartment and seeking ideas, or if it's my love of combining art with every day living. A pillow can be a piece of art, a beautifully crafted coffee table or book shelf can be art as well. Design and self expression can be found anywhere. I've always loved feng shui, painting walls different colors, and trying daring things. I remember when I was in middle school, my mother let me paint my room. Oh man was it a job! I previously had a wallpaper border. I quickly learned that wallpaper is of the devil and never to use it no matter how cool I think the pattern is. Soon enough, you'll get tired of it and taking off wallpaper is a hard long job. I also love finding old pieces of furniture and giving them a face lift with a new coat of paint. Next time you drive by a second hand store, check it out! You never know what kind of room decor treasures you'll find. 

The post for the last 5 will come shortly!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Why I create

Hello! My name is Emily Gilmore. Not the character Emily Gilmore that we grew to love/hate from the TV show "Gilmore Girls", but a real life Emily Gilmore. I am a graphic designer and am constantly inspired or creating something. I decided to start this blog based on a number of things. First because I am constantly in need of a space to organize my thoughts. I'm inspired by art, interior design, books and so much more. I have journals and journals chalked full with images of things I like. Hoping that some day, I'll come across them again and find a greater purpose for their existence. Often times the images are kept to remind me of future projects I intend to produce. But unfortunately time and money prevent me from doing so now. Sometimes I keep pictures because the color pallet speaks to me more than the content does. The second reason for my blogging is because my mommy thinks I'm a great writer :) I hope that others will think so too. My final reason is to share my graphic design and other projects in hope of inspiring others and sharing my work. I hope you will enjoy the things that "I give a hoot" about.