Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Moving Sale

Oh man. The time has come. Packing, cleaning, sorting and all that comes with moving. We're selling off some of our furniture and it needs to go ASAP.
Bookshelf $10

TV Stand $20
This is a nice stand that we got from target. It has shelves on the side and a middle consol with removable shelf.

Modern Black Chair $10

Antiqued Chair $5

2 Barstools $15 for set
(We bought both of them full price at $35 so this is a great deal!)

Tiered Shelf Computer Desk $25
Red Swivel Desk Chair $5 SOLD

If you are interested in any items, let me know!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Am I too late?

To post about Halloween that is. I've gone through phases when it comes to Halloween. I loved it as a kid, was too cool for it in my teens and now I'm all for it in my 20's. Chris and I have fun dressing up and I'm so grateful he's a good sport about it. Most of the time, the costumes are his idea :) This year we were all over Captain America and his British girl Peggy. I hope you had as much fun at Halloween parties as we did.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Letterpress Notebook

I love my job. I get to design and play with paper all day long.  I work at a letterpress studio which fills my need for design and working with my hands. It honestly is the best of both worlds. I also have a fabulous boss that is full of great wisdom. I'd say she is the Yoda of letterpress. At least to me she is. That is why I decided to make this handy little notebook. I was always finding myself saying "Oh this is such good information! Let me find a piece of paper to write this down." Then I'd feel like a fool as I look around and realize that I'm in a room FULL of paper. I was coming home with lots of little papers simply bound to get lost in my one bedroom apartment. It's not big but somehow I manage to misplace things!

I wanted the design of the book to reflect the company and I think I hit the mark... but you tell me. Yay? Nay? Anyways, it's the content inside that counts. I just hope I can retain all the information I've been blessed to learn and that I will become a more knowledgeable designer for it.

Friday, October 14, 2011


My talented friend Emily and owner of DesignFancy just recently opened an invitation shop! I'm loving her amazing color pallets and unique designs. Go on over to her site and tell her what you think. I know how it feels to make a website. It's hard work and positive feedback is the best! Happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DIY Rustic Doily Invitations

Do you ever have ideas in your mind that just won't go away unless you do something about it. I had one of those... for about 2 months. It was a tea party. Why didn't you do it sooner you ask? Well I was waiting for one of my friends to get back from her mission and all my other friends were gone for summer break. Tea parties are the best when you are surrounded with good friends and yummy treats. We had both of those.
I was trying to go for a rustic tea party theme with blush creams and browns. I knew exactly how I wanted to make the invitations: chipboard and doilies! Perfect right?! Oh and I can't forget the rounded corners! I'm a little obsessed with rounding corners since I got my crop-o-dile (cleaver name hu!). I get a little geeked out over paper. I guess it's good I'm a graphic designer and get to play with paper all day at my job. 
Here's a peak at the invitations. My 4th grade teacher would be so proud that I still remember how to write in cursive... well sort of. I had forgotten some letters. But I'm all caught up now. I wanted them to be hand written to enhance the rustic personal touch I was going for.

You can make your own rustic invitations with the following supplies:
- chipboard
- 6'' paper doilies
- scissors
- glue stick
- readable penmanship
The assembly is pretty self explanatory. Simply cut your chipboard to size 4x6 and align where you want the doily to be. Glue down the doily making sure that you don't let the glue ooze out the cracks. Wait for it to dry and then write your message. Wah La! You have yourself an invitation. Best of luck!

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Mile High City

Well folks, we are turning a new leaf here in the Gilmore home. Chris has begun his last semester of school and once those few months fly by (as we all know they do) we'll be moving to Denver! The mile high city! Chris got a fabulous internship at an advertising agency called Voltage. I think he'll be a great fit there and I couldn't be more excited for him. Even though I've never been there, I have a feeling we are going to like it there very much. We are so excited for the new adventures, new people and new restaurants to try.

However, now comes the much dreaded job search on my part. Of course we can't forget the apartment hunting and moving vans. Can I say how expensive moving is?! Now I know why people sell their belongings and simply start fresh. I must say that I am absolutely loving all the wood floors and exposed brick that Denver's housing market has to offer. Yummy! I've already begun pre-decorating in my mind. I get a little ahead of myself sometimes. It's what I do best I guess.

Since I've never been to Denver, if any of you have suggestions on great areas to live, yummy restaurants to try or places to work, shout em out! I'd love to get your suggestions. You're the best!
Print via Etsy

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Graduation Announcement, Announcement, Ano-ounnce-ment!

Yes. I did sing that in case you were wondering. It's the beginning to a camp song we used to sing at a little place I like to call girls camp. Can I get an amen on that one? Amen.

This lovely announcement is an exciting one because it marks the milestone of hard work and accomplishment. I'm sure as I'm saying these words, she's working hard right now preparing for finals. Yes, I'm sure you already guessed it... it's a graduation announcement! My lovely friend Taylor that you met previously is graduating next week with her degree in social work. I have no doubt that Taylor will save the world one person at a time. If she were running for president I would vote for her. Not only because she is so smart and charming (not to mention a great public speaker) but I know she would some how manage to make Harry Potter and Water World some sort of national holiday. I'm down with that.

Here are three variations of graduation announcements that yours truly photographed and designed :) Enjoy!

P.S. If any you lovelies are in need of any design work... please feel free to contact yours truely.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

God Bless America

This 4th of July weekend was a wonderful chance to reflect on the freedoms we have, the friends we share it with and the memories we make. We did all things American by camping Friday night, spending Saturday at the lake followed by hanging out at Wendy's while we waited for our miss placed keys to arrive, played games with friends and ate yummy desserts on Sunday, ate pancakes for breakfast and watched a parade on Monday. Just in case you were wanting a play by play.

Of course I got all decked out for the occasion. Chris said I looked like a 50's sailor girl. Yes! I was right on the mark.

People in the parade were handing out all sorts of goodies. Chris scored with his one handed catch of a Jimmy John's sandwich!
Aside from those cowboys holding the American flag, I can't think of anything more American than Taco Bell and Star Wars. Two American classics.
We had so much fun this weekend with our friends Taylor and Logan! We feel so blessed to live in the country that we do and that we were able to celebrate in our small town. Small town 4th of July is unlike any other. I hope you all had a fun and safe 4th of July weekend!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nod yes for Nautical

My good friend Noelle contacted me a few weeks back asking if I could design her wedding invitations. Of course I jumped at the opportunity not only because I've known this sweet and spunky girl for over 15 years but because I'm all about paying it forward. So many wonderful people helped me with our wedding, now it's my turn to help out a fellow friend.

Sometimes I think Noelle was born in the wrong state because this chica belongs at the beach! Everything from her long blond hair, spunky attitude and cute Roxy style belongs on a beach. So of course it only made sense when she said the wedding theme is beachy with a nautical twist. Yay! I was ecstatic to design my first ever beach wedding invitations. The other fun twist to the invitations is that she wanted the back designed with their engagement photos. Here are two of my favorite proofs I came up with (front and back):

After a little tweaking with an e-mail trail to prove it, here is the final invitation she's chosen:
With the back to match

Congratulations Noelle! I'm so excited and happy for you!

Just Dance

This post is something that is near and dear to my heart. Last week marked the 2 year anniversary of my friend Brad's death.

Brad and I knew each other briefly in middle school but our friendship bloomed in high school over love of musical theater and choir. He was my escort in the homecoming parade, boomba impersonator, coffee addict and my first school girl kiss. At the age of 21 he was unexpectedly diagnosed with Sarcoma cancer and began treatment. To entertain himself and those who waited at the hospital during treatments, they would make dance videos. Every one in the hospital knew Brad's name because he was such a light to those around. Brad taught us all to just keep dancing even though times are hard. Whatever you may be going through right now, just dance and keep the light of life bright.

Please help us find a cure for sarcoma cancer so that people all over the world can keep on dancing through life. You can donate to the NW Sarcoma Foundation to help find a cure.  

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

22 for 22

Don't be deceived. This is not a 30 for 30 where I pick items from my closet and wear them in different combination for 30 days. Although that is an excellent idea, this 22 for 22 is in honor of my birthday that was (yes that's right!) yesterday! It was a fabulous day filled with friends, loved ones and a decapitated pinata. I think I woke up this morning with a sugar hang over.
This 22 for 22 is a list of 22 things I want to do or accomplish in the 22nd year of my birth. I feel as though simplifying lists into smaller categories makes them more achievable. Although I do have a bucket list, I feel that can be more of a daunting idea trying to get all those items accomplished before hitting the bucket. Instead I decided to take it one year at a time. Here is the book which holds the list. Yes, I did make it. Check out that fabulous gold leather! I hope you are loving it as much as I am. It once was a purse. Now it's a book. Boo ya!
22 for 22 idea inspired from Brandilyn
Some of the goals are personal and others are more general such as reading an American classic. As of right now I only have 18 goals. I'm trying hard to save the last few for really good or significant ideas. If you've done anything this year that you highly recommend, please shout it out :) It might just make the cut for the list. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Eek! I'm excited about his one folks!... Our wedding was featured on the LDS Bride! LDS bride is a wonderful website that helps brides plan a wedding on a budget. It was so fun to plan but even more fun to experience it. I can hardly believe that we've been married for almost a year. It has been so wonderful and I've enjoyed every minute of it. I absolutely love our wedding photos and I hope you do too.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Girl I be Trippin!

Slang words. I think they are funny. Most of the time they come out of no where, make absolute no sense, yet they catch on like wildfire. Take Dope for instance. For years and years it was a word used for drugs. But now, thanks to some skater dude it can mean "Cool" "Crazy" Insane" and who knows what else. Trippin is a slang word that has multiple meanings and right now I am feeling all of them. Let me explain:

Guilt Trippin: to go on a guilt trip based off of an action or non action of some sort.
Yes I just made up that definition in case you were wondering. Actually you probably weren't wondering because it doesn't make much sense or define it correctly. Right now I am going on a guild trip for not having posted in well over a month! I guess you can diagnose me as clinically inconsistent. Or you can diagnose me with post graduate depression (more on that issue to come). I guess I haven't changed much from my teenage days when I wouldn't write in my journal for months on end, then begin again with an entry starting with "Dear Journal, Wow it's been a long time since I've written last and SO MUCH has happened. Where do I even begin?" Then to follow with an entry that skims over the big events in my life where later I would wish I had said more.

Trippin: Not able to wrap your mind around a concept to the point of semi-insanity.
 Jacob Spori and I have a special relationship. I spent 94% of my college education in this one building. The art building. That's right. I said the art building... the communication students just get to have the privilege to dwell in our presence and use a few of the class rooms. (Ha ha jk I took some of those classes so no need to get offended)

Right now I am trippin over the fact that I am a college graduate! I can hardly believe it and it honestly feels like I'm on summer break. I know it will come as a shock when Fall rolls around as it always does and I'm not picking up my books or sharpening my pencils with all the other students. It also doesn't feel like I've gradated because we are still living in this blessed small college town. Not much longer though folks! I think I would be more excited if I knew where we were headed after wards. But right now, your guess is as good as mine. Any ideas?
Pretty soon we'll be outta here! Ah I love my hubby so much!

Ha ha my mom is notorious for blinking in photos and my dad has a reputation for an awkward photo smile. Welcome to my family. I sure love them.

Trippin: To travel or relocate yourself preferably to an unknown or unexplored area.
Shortly after graduation, I put myself on a jet plane, not knowing when I'd be back again and headed to Oregon. What brought me to such a trip? Going to one of my best friend's wedding! I'm so happy for Darci and her new hubby Tim! I know they'll be great together and it meant a lot to be there. Oh man she looked so beautiful!

The last thing about my trip that I'm trippin about is the fact that I bought my first ever car! That's right folks! I've gone almost 22 years (because my birthday is in 14 days (not that I'm counting)) without ever having purchased a car. In high school I was a late bloomer and didn't get my license till I was a senior. Looser I know. And in college I never had a vehicle. It was a stressful process because Chris wasn't able to come to Oregon with me so I was flying solo on this one. Luckily my dad worked as an auto insurance claims adjuster so he was able to help me understand what salvage titles mean and other terms I'd never heard of, and my mom grew up around cars thanks to all older brothers. I was constantly sending Chris craigslist links 24/7 on cars that I found that we might be interested in. After a week of hunting, calling, and appointments that didn't show up, we got a car! It's a 2001 black Honda Civic and we LOVE it! Our favorite part is the gas mileage! Going from a 1994 Jeep Cherokee that got 14 miles to the gallon to our new lovely, we are in heaven!

There you have it. I am trippin. That is one way to explain this last month and trust me, there is a lot I left out. Only to keep you from information overload. So it's for your good. Trust me.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

baby news!

I had a baby. I know my figure is looking good already hu?! Don't worry I'll teach you all my tricks. Ok so maybe it isn't the kind of baby your thinking of. The kind when two people who love each other very much, combine their DNA, and make an offspring. This kind of baby came from an idea and Dreamweaver to make an offspring...aka a website. This baby required lots of attention and nourishment, many sleepless nights, along with blood sweat and tears. Well the pain is over and the site is done! I'm really excited to unveil this to you and I hope you like it. Let me know what you think of it. Emily Gilmore Designs

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I have a new addiction. I don't have many so I feel I'm still ok... but please catch me if I start to spiral downward out of reality. My latest addiction is the new HGTV show Secrets From A Stylist. I think I'm addicted because she captures the couple's different styles and molds it into one. It can be hard to mash opposite styles into one living space once you get married. However, she shows us that it can be done! I love what she did with Joy (from Oh Joy) and Bob's living room. She mashed her feminine style with color and patterns to his simple and sleek look by bringing in furniture with chrome finishing and solid colors. This was the final product:

*Sigh* Yes it's official. I'm in love. Check out the episodes and you'll fall in love too!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring is in the air... and so is wedding season!

I'm so excited to share this set of invitations with you. It is such a sleek yet romantic set. If you don't remember, these are the final wedding invitations I designed for the lovely Meredith and Seth (which I showed you the test prints before). The lace inner envelope is by far my favorite and enhances the romantically vintage look they were going for.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thirsty Thursday!

Happy Thursday everyone! "Thursday comes before Friday and then it's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday" If you aren't familiar with this Rebecca Black quote, check out this ridiculous music video. Conan O'Brien made a spoof from it that cracks me up. Anyways, for Thirsty Thursday be prepared to laugh your head off. Because I know it did. Not literally of course. That's gross and you shouldn't think that way. Ahem... anyways. When two people get together such as Dear blank, Please blank and Sapling Press a beautiful baby is born. See exhibit a:
via Share Some Candy

Monday, March 21, 2011

Vacation on my mind

Winter and end of school always has vacationing on my mind due to burnt out brain cells and the need to relax by a pool. As I'm sitting here, frustration brewing over the portfolio website I'm trying to create for class and post gradiation needs (do what I say Dreamweaver!) I can't help but think of our little post graduation trip we are planning... VEGAS BABY!
I can't wait to relax and think of something else besides my list of things to do. You know I love typography, so naturally I want to hit up the Las Vegas Boneyard!

Don't you just love the idea of a photoshoot there? Source

If you aren't familiar with this fabulous place, it's where all old signage goes to rest in peace. I like to call it, typography heaven.  Besides the Boneyard, we don't have any other plans. For those of you who have been to Vegas recently, any suggestions of must see places? Restaurants?