Saturday, October 23, 2010

Why I create

Hello! My name is Emily Gilmore. Not the character Emily Gilmore that we grew to love/hate from the TV show "Gilmore Girls", but a real life Emily Gilmore. I am a graphic designer and am constantly inspired or creating something. I decided to start this blog based on a number of things. First because I am constantly in need of a space to organize my thoughts. I'm inspired by art, interior design, books and so much more. I have journals and journals chalked full with images of things I like. Hoping that some day, I'll come across them again and find a greater purpose for their existence. Often times the images are kept to remind me of future projects I intend to produce. But unfortunately time and money prevent me from doing so now. Sometimes I keep pictures because the color pallet speaks to me more than the content does. The second reason for my blogging is because my mommy thinks I'm a great writer :) I hope that others will think so too. My final reason is to share my graphic design and other projects in hope of inspiring others and sharing my work. I hope you will enjoy the things that "I give a hoot" about.

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  1. SO glad you are joining the blogging world! I agree with yo Momma :)