Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Letterpress Notebook

I love my job. I get to design and play with paper all day long.  I work at a letterpress studio which fills my need for design and working with my hands. It honestly is the best of both worlds. I also have a fabulous boss that is full of great wisdom. I'd say she is the Yoda of letterpress. At least to me she is. That is why I decided to make this handy little notebook. I was always finding myself saying "Oh this is such good information! Let me find a piece of paper to write this down." Then I'd feel like a fool as I look around and realize that I'm in a room FULL of paper. I was coming home with lots of little papers simply bound to get lost in my one bedroom apartment. It's not big but somehow I manage to misplace things!

I wanted the design of the book to reflect the company and I think I hit the mark... but you tell me. Yay? Nay? Anyways, it's the content inside that counts. I just hope I can retain all the information I've been blessed to learn and that I will become a more knowledgeable designer for it.


  1. Look at your cutie book! You are so talented. Miss you.

  2. Love it Em! I want to see the sketchbook you made Chris too!