Tuesday, June 14, 2011

22 for 22

Don't be deceived. This is not a 30 for 30 where I pick items from my closet and wear them in different combination for 30 days. Although that is an excellent idea, this 22 for 22 is in honor of my birthday that was (yes that's right!) yesterday! It was a fabulous day filled with friends, loved ones and a decapitated pinata. I think I woke up this morning with a sugar hang over.
This 22 for 22 is a list of 22 things I want to do or accomplish in the 22nd year of my birth. I feel as though simplifying lists into smaller categories makes them more achievable. Although I do have a bucket list, I feel that can be more of a daunting idea trying to get all those items accomplished before hitting the bucket. Instead I decided to take it one year at a time. Here is the book which holds the list. Yes, I did make it. Check out that fabulous gold leather! I hope you are loving it as much as I am. It once was a purse. Now it's a book. Boo ya!
22 for 22 idea inspired from Brandilyn
Some of the goals are personal and others are more general such as reading an American classic. As of right now I only have 18 goals. I'm trying hard to save the last few for really good or significant ideas. If you've done anything this year that you highly recommend, please shout it out :) It might just make the cut for the list. 


  1. I don't have any suggestions personally, but one of my favorite food bloggers did something similar to this earlier this year. Read about it here. Good luck!!

  2. 1. Eat just fruit for one meal/day (easiest in the summer).
    2. Take a no-technology vacation (*connecting* technology. I'll keep my indoor plumbing, thank you), whether that is at home or actually travelling.
    3. Wear skirts for an entire week.

    Happy 22 :)

  3. Great blog Emily. As far as goals, or things to do, I agree with the techno vacay. I enjoy limited internet/gadgets during the summer and it's GREAT!