Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nod yes for Nautical

My good friend Noelle contacted me a few weeks back asking if I could design her wedding invitations. Of course I jumped at the opportunity not only because I've known this sweet and spunky girl for over 15 years but because I'm all about paying it forward. So many wonderful people helped me with our wedding, now it's my turn to help out a fellow friend.

Sometimes I think Noelle was born in the wrong state because this chica belongs at the beach! Everything from her long blond hair, spunky attitude and cute Roxy style belongs on a beach. So of course it only made sense when she said the wedding theme is beachy with a nautical twist. Yay! I was ecstatic to design my first ever beach wedding invitations. The other fun twist to the invitations is that she wanted the back designed with their engagement photos. Here are two of my favorite proofs I came up with (front and back):

After a little tweaking with an e-mail trail to prove it, here is the final invitation she's chosen:
With the back to match

Congratulations Noelle! I'm so excited and happy for you!


  1. They all look great! I love the first one! I am always so impressed with your work Em! Bah! You are amazing! And I just love you to death!

  2. Wow Emily! They look great. You have really captured Noelle's spirit!!!