Monday, February 7, 2011

valentines day in t-7

Previous years I've always enjoyed Valentines Day, even if I didn't have someone to share it with. I loved the day because it was a chance for me to show friends how much I loved them. Plus I love those cheesy little valentines cards you buy at the store. You know, the ones with teenage mutant ninja turtles for the boys and Hannah Montana for the girls with cheesy lines on them? I love em!

We are are well on our way to Valentines Day! Half way there with only 7 days left, I've got the apartment decorated and love notes all over the place. This will be the second Valentines day with Chris. Once while we were dating and this being the first since we got married. I really hope he likes his gift. If I've learned one thing in life, it's how different people view gift giving. Some want it to be sentimental, others want laughter or surprise, while others want the cost factor. Chris and I are more sentimental/homemade gifts. Hopefully he likes what I've concocted for him....I might even get a few laughs from it. 

For your viewing pleasure, enjoy the photos of my Valentines Day decorations. They are simple but sweet. Chris sure was surprised when he came home from work.

On the lower right photo, I put this on the mirror in our bathroom. Each day I write a different reason why I love him.


  1. LOVe these ideas. so so cute. makes me want to add a few more vday touches to my apt!!

  2. Okay you have the cutest blog and I want to look through every page! So fun a nd awesome designs!