Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kennedy School

Merry Christmas everyone! I know it's a bit late, but we've been so busy having fun with family and friends. These pictures come from last nights adventure. Portland's Kennedy School is one of the most unique and creative places this town has to offer. Once an old elementary school, this building was purchased by the restaurant McMenamin and transformed into the ultimate date night. With numerous restaurants, patio area, and a theater converted from the old gymnasium, it's offers everything you need in one place. The walls are covered in mosaics, murals and photographs of the pre-world war students that ad the unique effect. 

We went to the theater as a family the other night and had a blast. We saw the movie RED and cracked up the whole time. The best part of the theater is the fact that you sit on antique couches. Afterward, we couldn't help but meander into the various rooms and snap some photos. I really wanted to peek into the hotel rooms they offer as well, but unfortunately they were all locked. They must of known I was coming!

Anyways, I hope you are all enjoying the holidays with family and friends! Let me know what you are up to, I would love to hear about your adventures. 

Oh! P.S. These photos are taken with our new SLR camera and we LOVE it!

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