Wednesday, December 29, 2010

sewing 101

In my opinion, hemming clothes is the most basic form of sewing. This practical skill comes in handy when needing simple modifications. I found this fabulous BDG top (a line that Urban Outfitters carries) at my favorite second hand store called Red White and Blue. I go crazy in there! I always find great things and before you know it, I have a full cart and am playing the eeni-mini-mynie-mo game. This last time I walked out of there with 11 items of name brand clothes like GAP, Fossil, Tommy Hilfiger, BDG and more for under $50! Steal of a deal if I say so myself. 

I love the vibrancy of this top but wasn't a fan of how long it was. It came to my upper thigh which in turn accentuated my backside. Here are the simple steps I took in order to get the perfect length. 
Grabbing a pair of scissors, I snipped off the excess fabric from the bottom. Having the plaid pattern helped to make sure that my line was straight. 
 I ironed the hem about a quarter of an inch up, making sure that it was on the inside of the shirt. I pinned it in place with a few needles and began sewing.
 Hope this gives you confidence to buy clothes that need a little TLC. Second hand shops are full of unique pieces that can rev up your wardrobe if you spend a little time working with them. Happy hunting!


  1. Hey Em! Not sure if you'll get this message since this is an older post of yours but next time you are in town, I would LOVE to hit up Red, White and Blue with you so you can help me rev up my wardrobe!! You always have the darn cutest style. :) Good luck in your last semester!!!

  2. I would love to go with you Shannon! That would be so much fun. I'll let you know the next time I'm in town and we can go together.