Saturday, November 20, 2010

guest bedroom

Finally I get to redecorate my high school bedroom at home. I'm not joking when I say, it looks like high school exploded in there. Pictures from dance team, sashes from court, you name any high school recognition stereotype and it's in there. I love going home for the holidays, but it always felt like a time warp going into my room, and I felt like a high school-er again. With the final "Ok" from my parents, my sister and I have decided to redecorate it in yellow and gray. I can't wait! It will be a wonderful project to do together when I come home for Christmas. I'll be sure to post some real before and after pictures. But in the mean time, here is some inspiration that we are going off of.

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  1. These are fun idea picture! Love it :) I would have never thought of gray and yellow but these pictures pull it off.