Saturday, November 27, 2010

have a wonderful weekend!

Staying warm here in Idaho is a challenge. We finally got the heater in our apartment fixed. Before we got it fixed, I've kept warm with a blanket and my hubby. Here are some things I've found that inspire, keep warm fuzzies inside and the thought of cold weather out.

Warm colors and unique ideas featured on simplesong. I instantly fell in love with this design blog!

The ALT design summit. Oh man do I want to go! It's only a few short hours away from where I live. If only I had $400 dollars to go and no school to interfere. Anyone want to sponsor me to go? The speakers sound amazing and the networking would be amazing!
This article featured on Oh Joy! and pretty much everything else on there I love. Maybe it's the soft, romantic colors that make me forget about the Idaho cold.

Enjoy the weekend and find ways to stay warm!

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