Wednesday, November 3, 2010


While on my search to expand my networking, I came across a blog of a fellow graphic designer I had the privilege of working with. Back in winter semester of 2010, my graphic design class worked with the University Communications Department on campus to compose posters for upcoming concerts. Tony Carpenter oversaw the project and gave me a great opportunity to learn how to work with a client and art director. The best posters from each event were chosen to present to the head art director of BYU-I, where he would make the final decision if the poster was used or not. I was ecstatic to be chosen to present, even more ecstatic to be the final poster chosen and see my poster in print all around campus and town!
Anyhow, that is how I know Tony. This is a video he made and posted on his blog. I absolutely love it! It inspires me to learn AfterEffects. Guess I better get started!

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